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Math Tutoring with Ryan





Math tutoring and educational planning, for Pre-algebra through Calculus II, including most standardized tests. In-person and online. I serve Dartmouth and neighboring communities within 30 minutes.

Ryan Costa

For questions and scheduling call, text, or email: 508-542-7602 –



I have been tutoring and teaching math for 16 years. I specialize in math so that I can bring the highest quality instruction to the table. One of my best attributes is being able to quickly assess a student’s level of understanding, and being able to build from there. Math is a bottom-up subject, and small holes in the foundation can spell disaster down the road.

While working, I always focus on the positive and try to frame learning as a skill that we work on for a lifetime. I provide basic strategies for comprehending and solving problems so that students aren’t just mindlessly repeating steps, but are really prepared for similar and harder problems in the future.

I have a Bachelor’s in Mathematics From Umass Dartmouth. I tutored for two years while they’re in the Math and Business Center. Out of college, I worked for Sylvan Learning Center, tutoring all levels of math, and running the math portion of the SAT program. During the day I was substitute teaching at Dartmouth High School, and tutoring students there for the MCAS.

In 2009 I took a full-time position in the MA public school system at Brockton High School. MA has had the best school system in the nation since 2008, in part because of the extensive vetting and training that are mandatory for teachers. Brockton High School in particular won the US News and World Best High School award, the ICLE Model School Award, the Gould award while I was there. The training and guidance I received there were some of the best in the world.

I tutor all math subjects from middle school through the sophomore level in college. That includes the following subjects: Pre-algebra, SSAT, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, SAT, ACT, ASVAB, Discrete math, all introductory college math, College Statistics, and College Calculus I and II. I’ve also worked with people for various placement tests and nurses exams.

My coverage area is Providence to Marion to Taunton.

If you’re unsure of anything please call me!

Lesson options and Pricing

(All prices include communication through the week)

1.  Online:

Private one-on-one: 95$ per lesson

Group: 40$ per lesson

Weekly students get Costa’s Quick Question Service free

I accept cash, check, Venmo and PayPal.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are held with 1 student at a time. Students will get plenty of 1 on 1 time with me, interspersed with video instruction and independent working/reading time. It is a good option for homework help.

Group Classes

Group classes are held with 3-5 students at a time. Groups will comprise students functioning on a similar level in the same course. A lesson will be delivered to the group, and work will be done both as a group and individually. This is generally not a good format for homework help but is a great way to level up skills. It’s also a great way to prepare for the SAT!


I expect full payment for lessons canceled within 24 hours. I do not charge for cancellations due to weather or illness.

For questions and scheduling call, text, or email: 508-542-7602 –


“Tell me and I’ll forget;  show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll learn”


“Experience And Patience”

– David, Halifax, MA on 6/23/15

Ryan has greatly helped my son and occasionally my daughter with 7th grade math assignments and test review. He worked for Sylvan for several years prior and he is extremely flexible with scheduling. He has a very affable personality and is very even tempered with his students. I would highly recommend him and I plan on using him next school year from September to June!

A great fit for my kid”

– Melissa Stoughton, MA on 3/18/2017

My son literally said that working with Ryan is so much better than school and hat he understands much better when he explains them. I think it’s the one-on-one attention. We love Ryan!

“Knowledgeable and very patient!”

– Jessica, Norton, MA on 4/22/2017

Ryan has helped me work through a college level statistics course. He is knowledgeable and able to explain the equations and information in a way that I am able to understand.

“Great Tutor”

– Evelyn, North Easton, MA on 4/17/16

Ryan is tutoring my son in math for SAT preparation. He is very patient and positive. My son feels more prepared for the test with each lesson. Ryan is pro-active in confirming appointment dates. I feel lucky to have him working with my son.


– Christian, East Bridgewater, MA on 8/10/15

My son really enjoys his lessons with Ryan and looks forward to learning, which has improved his self-esteem. Ryan’s approach to explaining the steps makes it easy for him to understand the subject at hand. So far my son is holding an A in Algebra 1. We truly would recommend Ryan as an exceptional tutor. His schedule was very accommodating to our needs. We’re very happy with our son’s progress in math, thanks to Ryan.

Ryan is a great tutor who really cares.”

– Annmarie, Norton, MA on 6/16/15

My son Paul went from a D- average to a B in the past 3 months. Problem solving has become easier with different strategies and techniques.

“Fantastic Tutor!”

Carol, Yuma, AZ on 10/20/2016

Ryan has been working with my freshman son for a few weeks now and his teaching method is working amazingly. My son much prefers to learn things from Ryan, than his own private school teacher. He is very patient and knowledgeable and has a great way to make things interesting and to hold his attention. Best math tutor!

“Very Good”

Gerard, Pittsburgh, PA on 1/28/2017

Ryan is well versed and very good at being a tutor. Explains concepts very well and these mathematical concepts I was having a very hard time time just do not seem as difficult as they were 90 minutes ago.

“Helpful guiding her through problems.”

Terry, Mansfield, MA on 2/26/2018

Ryan was great at helping her to grasp unfamiliar concepts. He challenged her to really understand how she needed to get to the correct answers. He related the material to other courses she will be taking in the future, such as Physics.

“On time and on point”

– Robert, Taunton, MA on 9/16/15

Ryan not only knew the answers to my questions, but he knew how to explain them in a way easy for me to understand.

For questions and scheduling call, text, or email: 508-542-7602 –

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